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24/7 Accessibility

Our goal is to be available to our patients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  We want to provide a very accessible and individualized women’s health experience for each of our patients.   If you simply have a question for which you need guidance or do not know where to go to find the answer, please contact us.  We are here to help you.  In an effort to be immediately responsive to the health of our patients, we offer same day appointments. 

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The Insta-Visit

We are now offering Insta-Visits.   There are many times when patients know exactly what their condition is and what they need for treatment.  They do not have time to wait in a normal “office visit cycle.”  Therefore, if the condition is something that is very easy to treat, such as urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, birth control refills, well woman exams without problems, and STD (sexually transmitted disease testing), we offer a quick triage with the goal to have you seen and out of the office within 15-30 minutes.  If you are interested in this type of visit, please request this of our staff when you schedule your appointment. 

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Our Services

Birth Control

There are many different options for women when considering birth control.  We individualize each patient’s health and goals to arrive at the best option for her.  We offer all types of birth control options inclusive of birth control pills, vaginal ring contraception (NuvaRing), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera), Intrauterine Devices (Mirena, Paragard), and patches. 

Well Woman Exams

This is a great opportunity to accomplish many goals based upon age and health.  We encourage yearly Well Woman examinations for all of our patients.  This helps to screen for cervical, vaginal, uterine, breast, and ovarian cancer.  Additionally, sexually transmitted disease testing can be assessed at the time of a well woman examination.  General health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, anemia, and other health conditions are evaluated at the well woman examination.  It is very important for women to know that most insurances cover one well woman exam yearly at 100% with no copayment or cost to the patient. 

STD Testing (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

We offer a complete range of STD testing for women.  This includes testing for Human papilloma virus (HPV), herpes (HSV), Gonorrhea (GC), Chlamydia (Chl), Trichomonas, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Syphilis, and Hepatitis.  Patients do not need to be embarrassed or frightened to ask for STD testing.  We offer this testing to patients every single day and we welcome every patient to request this testing.  Screening for these diseases can save a patient’s life. 

Vaginitis/ Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

This is a very common condition that can be very concerning and uncomfortable.  We offer many treatments for this condition.  Each treatment is individualized to each patient.  It is very important that the etiology for this symptom is diagnosed and treated.  Bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast and sexually transmitted infections may be involved in this condition requiring immediate treatment. 

Breast Masses and Breast Pain

While we offer routine annual breast screening services, we also offer evaluation and diagnosis for breast masses/lesions/abnormalities and breast pain.  The current data show that one out of eight women will have breast cancer.  These numbers are staggering.  We want to help our patients prevent and diagnose breast cancer.  Please contact us with any concerns.

Abnormal Pap Smears

Abnormal pap smears are a very common problem impacting the health of many women today.  We strive to educate each patient and offer her comprehensive evaluation and treatment services.  This includes educational counseling, colposcopy services, and minimally invasive surgical treatment, if necessary.  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a very common cause of many abnormal pap smears.  We offer diagnostic, educational and treatment services for HPV as well.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids, also known as leiomyomata, impact a large number of women and their health.  We strive to educate our patients regarding the diagnosis and treatment options for this condition.  Fortunately, there are many treatment options for uterine fibroids available to women today.  Our goal is to be sure that all of our patients are well educated on each of these options.  We offer all levels of management for uterine fibroids therapy from diagnosis to surgical treatment, when necessary.  Our goal at Simmons For Women is to seek the least invasive method of treatment for each patient. 

Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding, also known as abnormal periods, impacts many women at various ages.  It can truly lead to a very poor quality of life and it may be an indication of a greater concern for your health.  These concerns include cancer, precancer and infection.  We offer a wide range of treatment options based upon the diagnostic findings from each individual evaluation.  Some conditions can be managed conservatively, medically or surgically.  We offer the entire range of services and individualize each plan of care.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is a medical condition that impacts many women.  The condition can lead to a very poor quality of life and great deal of suffering for patients.  We strive to diagnose, counsel and treat PCOS in a manner that is most helpful for each of our patients.  We understand that PCOS often leads to a great deal of frustration, fear and concern for many patients.  Dr. Simmons understands and we want to help you reach a better quality of life through treatment of this condition. 

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts can impact the quality of life for a woman drastically.  We strive to diagnose and educate our patients regarding the etiology for her condition and the plan of care in a very clear and rapid manner.  We recognize that these conditions can be very painful and debilitating.  We offer in-office imaging and immediate medical attention for these conditions.  Some ovarian cysts can be managed conservatively, medically and surgically.  We complete an evaluation and offer comprehensive counseling regarding a plan of care for each patent. 


We offer a comprehensive, solo doctor, Obstetrical experience in our practice.  You will get to know Dr. Simmons and his staff very well during your experience with us.  We strive to focus on education, patient comfort, and inclusion of the entire family in the Obstetrical experience.  We understand the busy lives that most of our patients live.  Therefore, we do offer evening and weekend appointments for our Obstetrical patients and their families.  This is inclusive of evening sonogram services.  

Healthcare Providers

People who refer to us—other doctors and nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc

Dr. Simmons works very closely with other healthcare providers in the community offering consultative services to their patients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  He also remains available to any provider with questions for which he may be of help.  He remains very focused on rapid assessment, offering same day visits to referring provider’s patients, and rapid communication back to the referring provider.  He also remains committed to treating the patient for the condition requested by the primary provider and rapid return of the patient back to the primary provider after completion of the requested treatment.

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